Planned Litters - Anzil Cockapoo
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Planned Litters

Lucy x Klopp


After Lucy’s spring pairing with Klopp which unfortunately did not result in a pregnancy, we are pleased to announce that her most recent liaison has been much more successful.

Lucy will be expecting puppies early November ready mid to late December.

We are expecting a mix of red tuxedo, apricot and black and white coloured puppies.

Fanta x Klopp


Following on from the success of last years litter, the lovely Fanta and Klopp have been paired together again.

Fanta had a positive ultrasound last week and will be expecting puppies in early November, ready first week of January.

We are expecting a mix of red, red tuxedo and apricot coloured puppies

Zara x Merlin


We are delighted to announce that Zara will be having her second litter of puppies this year.

This time around she has been paired with the new kid on the block, Merlin. ¬†This is doubly exciting for us as not only will it be Merlin’s firs litter of puppies but our first litter of Merle coloured puppies.

Watch this space!

Missie x Merlin


Zara’s doppelg√§nger Missie is the second of our girls to be paired with Merlin the Merle this year.

We are thrilled to announce that she has scanned for a positive pregnancy and will be expecting puppies mid November.

We expect a mixture of chocolate merle and solid chocolate coloured puppies.